09-01-07 01:27

Red Bull Storm Chase DVD

Harm - Uranic Isomorphs

Harm features Uranic Isomorphs as soundtrack for the spot in Denmark on Red Bull Storm Chase DVD!

"Armed with grooveboxes and fx Harm is creating a unique style of electronic sound while suspending any law of industrial and dancefloor classification. Energizing dancefloors with silcicon essence!"

One storm, 9 countries, 24 Storm Chase - are you ready?
Just before Christmas the Red Bull Storm Chase DVD was released. The Crew around Big Sexy Pictures produced on of the most extreme windsurfing documentations ever.

More than 50 cameras were set up to capture the action. This movie follows the Storm Chasers searching for the perfect spot in storm conditions. A gnarly Atlantic low approached, and hit Northern Europe with hurricane force. 24 Red Bull Storm Chasers in 9 countries went to chase the biggest storm of the year. This movie follows the windsurfers onto the water and right into their heart full of passion! It shows how radical and extreme windsurfing can be!

DVD out now!



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